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Mobility Business Institute - About Us

Practical, short, and forward-looking
Mobility Business Institute means free courses taken online and then an internship in a structured, high-level company.
We are the Mobility Business Institute

We do not yet have ‘30 years of experience’, but the people you will learn with have a lot of experience in their field and also often within our main partner Sixt, a company that has well over 30 years of experience.

We offer paid work experience in your country

You do not need any experience to follow the courses and work experiences you can choose from will be remunerated at the highest level and will take place in one of the branches of our main partner Sixt, in England or throughout Europe.

This is not because we are ‘industry leaders with international outlets’, but because our main partner Sixt was founded in Germany, but works permanently all over the world.

Why choose us?

The skills you can acquire by attending our courses will help you to grow and work, either at Sixt or anywhere that involves business and customer relations.

All the programmes include a course in business English and in a second language of your choice.
The training month is free of charge and the paid work experiences has a real chance of evolving into stable employment contracts.

We are independent, but with a large group behind us: Sixt rent a car, founded by Martin Sixt in 1912.
You will discover that the field we suggest you explore – the professional car rental world – is a valuable business opportunity that is unknown to most

You won’t find the catch, because there isn’t one

We are well aware that sometimes those who started their careers as Rental Sales Agents or Branch Managers did so after having tried and searched in other sectors first.
This is fine, because we have observed that, among those who then wear the Sixt t-shirt, many employees, both men and women, no longer want to leave.
Did you know that numerous people at Headquarters, all over the world, and even some on the Board, started from paid work experiences just like the ones you could do?

Our main partner SIXT

SIXT has been offering high-quality, world-leading mobility services since 1912.

Today, it has integrated many services and offers into a single mobility service that includes car rental, car sharing, ride hailing and more.



Its employees – 6400 worldwide in 2021 –, technological expertise, courage to change and desire to grow have made SIXT one of the most innovative, fastest growing and profitable mobility companies in the world, with a turnover of more than € 2.28 billion per year in 2021. A strong customer focus allows us to offer flexible and unlimited mobility solutions tailored to individual needs. At SIXT they call it Wachstumswille - Desire to grow.

Mobility Business Institute courses are:


You will acquire specific skills in order to quickly familiarise yourself with the context in which you may be working and the activities you may have to perform.


The courses are full of additional skills, such as English and a second language of your choice, with which you can move and work anywhere.


You can follow the training directly from home or wherever you want, from your PC, smartphone, tablet or any device.


After just one month of free training, you can start your paid work experiences in your country or abroad.

International experiences

You can do your work experiences in your country or in one of the other European countries where branches of our main partner Sixt are present. The training month therefore includes a course in English and a second language of your choice, which you may need in your job.

Free of charge

We feel a social responsibility to develop and offer job opportunities.
This is why, as a Mobility Business Institute and together with our main partner Sixt, we want to play our part through specific, concrete and practical training that leads to real job opportunities.

Enquire about Mobility Business Institute courses

Leave your details and we will call you back for a chat where you can ask us any information you think would be useful for you.
In the meantime, you will immediately receive a free brochure with all course programmes.