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Paid work experience

Do & Learn

For us, the end of course work experiences is the centre of your journey.

This is the time when you have the opportunity to put into practice the skills and abilities you have gained in the classroom, the enthusiasm and desire to get involved and the spirit of adventure that drives you to explore new parts of the country or even abroad.

For all courses, at the end of the digital classroom lessons, if you have met the course timetable and passed the final test, you will have the opportunity to make a paid work experience in one of the branches of our main sponsor SIXT, in England or in another European country.

Working experience in your country or in another European country

If you are looking for an experience abroad, this is your chance!

When registering for the programme, you will be able to indicate a preference for a European country in which you can do yourend of course work experiences and then possibly continue your work experience with a contract.

The collaboration will be managed according to the regulations of the relevant country, and will always be remunerated. You will be able to participate in branch activities right away and wear the orange team T-shirt. We were thinking of a period of at least 3 months, but we will decide together.

The European countries participating in this initiative are:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Spain
  • The Netherlands
  • United Kingdom

During the selection interview for enrolment on the course, you will be able to get more information about the cities in which Sixt operates with its services and about the regulations in each country.

At the end of your end of course work experience you may have the opportunity to join the Sixt team with an employment contract, either fixed-term or permanent, in the same country where you did your end of course work experience or in another Sixt location, in your country or abroad.

Leave your contact details in the form below and we will call you back to arrange a chat to clear up any doubts and receive any information you may find useful.

Mobility Business Institute courses are:


You will acquire specific skills in order to quickly familiarise yourself with the context in which you may be working and the activities you may have to perform.


The courses are full of additional skills, such as English and a second language of your choice, with which you can move and work anywhere.


You can follow the training directly from home or wherever you want, from your PC, smartphone, tablet or any device.


After just one month of free training, you can start your paid work experiences in your country or abroad.

International experiences

You can do your work experiences in your country or in one of the other European countries where branches of our main partner Sixt are present. The training month therefore includes a course in English and a second language of your choice, which you may need in your job.

Free of charge

We feel a social responsibility to develop and offer job opportunities.
This is why, as a Mobility Business Institute and together with our main partner Sixt, we want to play our part through specific, concrete and practical training that leads to real job opportunities.

Enquire about Mobility Business Institute courses

Leave your details and we will call you back for a chat where you can ask us any information you think would be useful for you.
In the meantime, you will immediately receive a free brochure with all course programmes.