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Jr Rental Sales Agent

The course to learn how to become responsible for the entire customer experience process in branches located in major cities.

Jr Rental Sales Agent
Why choose this course?

Jr Rental Sales Agents help people choose the products and services that are best suited to their needs.

These figures are responsible for the customer experience process: from reception at the desk to handing over the keys, from drawing up the contract to collecting the car on return.

They are the company’s point of reference because they help familiarise the customer with the details of the contract, can propose the most suitable extra products and services, and are responsible for checking the car’s condition on its return.

Its challenges are the monthly sales budget and the customer satisfaction index.

Who is it aimed at?

It is suitable for you if you would like to start working with customers and want to learn how to manage business relations and work in a team.

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After the course

In our field, Jr Rental Sales Agents are the face of the company. These are the figures that customers meet and listen to when making their choice and purchase.

They represent the company in the customer relationship in the branch, playing a key role in the customer experience.

Jr Rental Sales Agents can grow within the branch, first becoming ‘senior’ Rental Sales Agents, then continuing to become Supervisors and finally Branch Managers. Or work in the Headquarters, in the Fleet or Sales departments, or in staff divisions, such as HR and Finance, Legal and Compliance.  

The remuneration for this role consists of a fixed part, which fully corresponds to the requirements of national contracts, plus an additional (bonus) part defined on the basis of achieved targets.

You will soon find out if this job is for you because every participant who meets the terms and deadlines of the course will have the opportunity to work immediately, starting with a paid internship in one of the branches of our main partner Sixt, in England or in other European countries. Additionally, if there is a good working relationship, you will also have the possibility of a (real!) work contract in the main partner company.

By the end of the programme you will have acquired interpersonal skills that will enable you to manage commercial relationships with customers and to work as part of a sales team.


Study Plan

Among the subjects you will find the skills relevant to your chosen role, plus a business English course and an introductory course in a second foreign language. You can choose the one in which you would then like to do the end of course work experiences.

4 Learning Areas


Communicating and building effective relationships with customers and colleagues
Working in a sales team


  • English for working in sales
  • introductory course in a second foreign language


Managing the stages of the sales process:

  1. Welcoming the customer
  2. Conducting a sales interview
  3.  Presenting the proposal by arguing the benefits for the customer
  4. Handling objections
  5. Closing the sale
  6. Checking the customer’s satisfaction


Introduction to the car rental and mobility services market:

  • the sector’s characteristics and potential, the target market and the type of target customer
  • how short- and long-term rental works, the main rental contracts and online rental methods
End of course work experience

For us, the end of course work experiences is the centre of your journey. This is the time when you have the opportunity to put the skills and abilities you have gained into practice, the enthusiasm and desire to get involved and the spirit of adventure that drives you to explore new parts of the country or even abroad.

At the end of the month of training, if you have respected the programme schedule and passed the final test, you will have the opportunity to make a paid work experience at the highest market level, lasting from 3 to 4 months, depending on your preference, in one of the branches of our main sponsor, in England or in one of the European countries in which the branches are present and which you will find in the Internships and Collaborations section

How the course works

It is free of charge to enrol and attend at the Mobility Business Institute .
Lessons will be online (both self-learning and live sessions)

Each lesson includes a theory section, which is useful for learning the relevant notions for carrying out the activities of the chosen role, as well as more practical and experiential sections in order to immediately put acquired skills into practice.

We believe in a participatory, collaborative, experiential and reflective approach. You will be guided by teachers with long experience in their roles and in the topics they cover, but the relationship will be more based on interaction between participants than on a frontal lesson.

At the end of the lessons we will present you with a final test, which will also assist you in understanding your skills and will help you choose your end of course work experience..


At the end of the programme, before the start of the end of course work experience, you will receive an official certificate for the course you have taken.

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You can also get help navigating the different programmes to choose the one best suited to your aspirations and skills. In any case, if you leave your details you will receive a summary brochure with the different information and the four programmes

Mobility Business Institute courses are:


You will acquire specific skills in order to quickly familiarise yourself with the context in which you may be working and the activities you may have to perform.


The courses are full of additional skills, such as English and a second language of your choice, with which you can move and work anywhere.


You can follow the training directly from home or wherever you want, from your PC, smartphone, tablet or any device.


After just one month of free training, you can start your paid work experiences in your country or abroad.

International experiences

You can do your work experiences in your country or in one of the other European countries where branches of our main partner Sixt are present. The training month therefore includes a course in English and a second language of your choice, which you may need in your job.

Free of charge

We feel a social responsibility to develop and offer job opportunities.
This is why, as a Mobility Business Institute and together with our main partner Sixt, we want to play our part through specific, concrete and practical training that leads to real job opportunities.

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